Birth Announcements

Placing a Birth Announcement is easy.

Your announcement includes one photo and what you would like to say. We have five different Birth Announcement sizes to choose from.

Each size is based on how many words are in your copy.

Submission Deadline:

The New Pelican Newspaper is published every Friday. Deadline for everything – including copy, photo, and payment – is the Wednesday at Noon 9 days prior to the Friday you would like it published.

How do I begin?

  1. Write the copy for your announcement in Word so you will know how many words will go in. (Word totals are on the very bottom of a Word document.)
  2. Once you know how many words you have, decide which size best fits your announcement.
  3. Pick out the photo you want. It will need to be a digital high-resolution JPG.

How do I submit a Birth Announcement?

  1. You will be emailing Clark Rogers, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at New Pelican, at
  2. Type Birth Announcement in the Subject Line.
  3. Attached your Word doc and your photo.
  4. Provide your name, address, cell number, and the best time to call you in the body of your email.

How do I pay for my Birth Announcement?

Once you have sent everything to Clark, he will be in contact with you to confirm your order and collect a credit card payment over the phone.

What if I have questions about submitting my Birth Announcement?

Call Clark direct at 954.783.2145.

Or email him at Type BIRTH in the Subject Line.