Snapshots: The Author Next Door – Week of March 10

  • Pompano Beach resident Wendy Cottiers poses with her new science fiction book, “Zhang Legacy.” Translated into 10 languages and available on Amazon, the book tells the story of “two like-minded friends who met in preparatory school who live on different continents as adults. Between news of election fraud and the ever-increasing number of fatal COVID-24 cases, people on planet earth seem to have lost their way. Walk with these two elite friends and embark on a journey to glimpse into the near distant future.” [Courtesy]

  • Author Stephanie Hall-McMillian, a former Deerfield Beach resident, poses with her new book, “The Fishkill Experience.” The book, which is available on Amazon, “chronicles the lives of adults and working aged students who made a decision to take advantage of a summer opportunity for upward mobility. They would travel for days for more financial resources and success for years to come. Determination and hard work from this decision extended well into their everyday lives. In most aspects, it changed the lives of these Deerfield Beach residents.” [Courtesy]

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